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CREATE Full Size (ATX) Intel 13th & 14th Gen PC


  • Designed & Built by Enthusiasts
  • Full Cable Management As Standard
  • 5-Year Labour Warranty / 2+ Years Parts
  • Realtime Build Photos Provided
  • Fast build from 3 working days
  • Free UK Mainland Delivery

Use our Custom Intel 13th & 14th Gen PC builder below to configure your ideal ATX-sized PC, whether you’re gaming, creating content, or need a professional workstation for business use. We have included as many options as possible from all of the leading brands; these are components and products that we would buy ourselves, we therefore do not recommend low-quality, cheaper brands. More on this is available to read in our buyers guide articles.

Designing your custom PC couldn’t be easier, it is step by step, starting with the case, the CPU (Processor), CPU Cooling, Motherboard, RAM (Memory), GPU (Graphics Card), Storage Drives, Power Supply and finally customisation options such as RGB fans and Lighting.

Need Advice? We encourage anyone to pick up the phone or email our team of specialists to assist with your requirements.

They can help you to select components suitable for your needs, OR if you can’t find something you are looking for, you are not limited to what you see in this PC configurator! Note: We do not have sales people, we have our PC technicians on hand to answer your needs.

Further buying information



We no longer sell monitors with our PC’s, it is not cost effective for us to do this when we can simply recommend you to go and buy a monitor from a major online retailer such as Amazon. Give us a call or send an email to ask for our advice on monitors suitable for your new PC. Generally we recommend at least 23″ – 34″ ultra-wide, 1ms response time, 1440p or 1080p, 120hz and DP (Display Port) connectivity. Check out the highly reviewed ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ

Keyboards & Mice

As with monitors, it doesn’t make sense for us to sell these parts at an inflated price when our customers can go and buy them elsewhere and have them delivered in advance of their PC delivery. If you want a basic keyboard and mouse thrown in at no cost then just tell us in the additional notes, we of course want you to be able to fire up your PC on the day of delivery. Check out the ASUS TUF Gaming K1 RGB keyboard & mouse bundle


As with other peripherals, we recommend you purchase these to arrive in advance of your PC delivery from another major retailer such as Amazon. Check out the Trust Gaming GTX 629 Tytan 2.1 speaker system

Streaming Cards

For most streaming requirements, a streaming expansion card is not required, you can simply stream/record your screen using OBS Studio software, however for more serious streamers you might want to consider the Elgato Stream Deck MK.2

Major Components

CPU (Processor)

In this Intel 12th and 13th Gen PC configurator there is a selection of the latest Intel 12 & 13th Generation CPU’s, from the 6-core i5-12400F to the 24-core i9-13900KS, we have you covered. For gaming we recommend the minimum Intel 12th Gen CPU you choose is the i5-12400F, the most popular choice is the 16-core i7-13700K and the choice for those with a larger budget seeking the best performance is the i9-13900K. We recommend the i9-13900KS special edition CPU, for those people who want the ultimate in Intel processing power right now without a budget restriction.

CPU Cooling

This is a complex subject and one we will cover in our blog in more detail, however, every CPU choice in our configurator will function with any of the CPU Coolers in our configurator. The reason you would select the entry-level Hyper 212 tower cooler over the top of the range 360mm AiO liquid cooler, will be down to budget constraints or the lack of understanding of how CPUs function. A CPU generates a lot of heat when in use, if we take the i5-12600K for example, this will draw around 180Watts of power when at around 100% duty, if you weren’t to have a cooler attached at all, then the CPU would reach a pre-determined maximum temperature and it would begin to thermal-throttle, this means it will reduce the performance and core speed as low as it can to keep the temperature below the maximum permitted or shut down immediately, this is normally around 100degrees celcius. If you fit the Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler to the same i5-12600K, you will find that it will throttle performance but not by very much, whereas with the top-of-the-range 360mm AiO (yes 420mm are available but not enough of a gain to sacrifice case choice) the CPU will be able to easily perform to its maximum performance well below the maximum permitted temperature. Keep in mind that a CPU running at 90 degrees celcius is not a bad thing, it is a target essentially as the CPU will always aim to deliver the best performance first and at the lowest temperature, second.


In this Intel 14th Gen PC configurator, we give you a choice of three top motherboard manufacturers: ASUS, Gigabyte/AORUS and MSI. We also give you a choice of compatible chipsets, these are the B760 and Z790, complete with the LGA1700 socket to support the current generation of Intel 12th, 13th and 14th Generation CPUs. The B760 chipset is suitable for a wide range of applications from a basic home office PC up to a fully-fledged gaming rig, it supports the latest PCIe Gen 5.0 standard which will be included in the latest graphics cards and M.2 NVMe SSD storage drives, currently it is PCIe Gen 4.0 which this motherboard is backwards compatible with. The Z790 chipset will suit all applications and offer higher performance and features for serious gamers who demand the best and want tuning/overclocking capability, along with compatibility with PCIe Gen 5.0.

Memory (RAM)

We cautiously handpick RAM modules that we know to be reliable and stable with the Intel 14th gen platform, we now only offer DDR5, as we feel DDR4 is no longer relevant. Memory clock speeds have increased greatly, 5600MHz in the DDR5 is our most popular choice. Corsair Vengeance/Dominator modules are a great option, they are the best in our opinion closely followed by the XPG modules. The minumum capacity we offer is 16GB across two modules (please do not consider a single module, this is not how the CPU is designed, it is dual-channel), 32gb and 64gb is also available in our configurator and you can easily upgrade to 128gb in the future (or by contacting us first). 16GB is plenty enough for all games currently available to PC, 32GB allows you to run other applications in the background and better support multiple displays, 32GB is also better for Microsoft Flight Simulator, while 64GB is geared up more for video editing and professional workstation use, but can also be used for gaming.


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Our Build Process

1. Component Allocation
2. Assign Technician & Build Bay
3. Build & Cable Management
4. 24-Hour Stress Test
5. Build Photos Provided
6. Pack & Ship

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Recent Testimonials

Brad McQueen
Brad McQueen
Outstanding customer service, very knowledgeable staff.
Stephanus Botha
Stephanus Botha
I am new to the area and was looking for advice on my PC. I was well looked after by Shiv as he helped me out of a pickle. Thanks very much Shiv appreciate going the extra mile.
Bishie Bishie
Bishie Bishie
Great experience, great machine way beyond what I would have built for myself. Great support from initial email to delivery and after. I worried going for a company I had never heard of, but glad I did.
Lew Man
Lew Man
So the time come for me to upgrade my PC (it had served me well for many years), this time I really wanted to go all out on a compact, high spec custom Gaming PC. After doing lots of searching around, I came across CREATE PC's who were local to me. Going through their positive reviews & seeing the builds they had created via their social media pages I was impressed. From the start, communication was just superb, they listened to what I wanted the PC for, how to look, and the budget I had in mind. They came back right away with few options & I knew I had defiantly made the right choice as it was spot on. I decided to go ahead, through the build process I was kept updated & even when I asked more questions on couple of things, they were explained nice & simple for me (I'm not too clued up on technical stuff). PC was built in no time & delivered personally by them to my front door in time for the Christmas break. I was blown away, it performs quality & looks exactly how I wanted it to. I would highly recommend Create PC's & I will defiantly be using in the future.
Cameron Plater
Cameron Plater
Bought a custom build pc around a year ago now had no problems, service was great and they really know what they’re talking about!
Had Create PCs build my gaming pc. Really pleased with how it turned out and it works great. They had great communication and were very friendly and pleasant all around. They also accept PayPal which is nice. Would recommend highly
Josh M
Josh M
I contacted create pcs about upgrading my pc and also seeing what advice they could give me to get better performance. Shiv and the team highlighted everything that they found. Throughout the whole time of create pc having my computer they kept me informed. Everything they done was perfect and now my pc looks amazing and now I’m getting a much better performance. If you’re looking to get a pc or upgrades this is the place to go. Very pleased and will be returning in the future.
Andy Walker
Andy Walker
In a short, 10-day period, I submitted my spec for a high-end desktop pc; agreed to a slight spec revision and took delivery of my new computer. Throughout, communication was excellent. I am delighted with the pc. Sadly a spell of ill-health delayed setting up the system but I am now making good progress on it. Thankyou for delivering the product that I specced.
Khorus -
Khorus -
Great Service! Fast and reliable, Spoke to Beth and Shiv both were very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you guys 🙂
Simon Speller
Simon Speller
Service was fantastic and quick. Matt was very helpful with providing help to determine the best product for me and was able to provide a great performing and looking computer which suits my needs. Would definitely recommend!

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