Streaming PCs


Customise your ultimate gaming and streaming setup. Begin creating unforgettable moments with a Create Streaming PC.


Streaming online is a large growing service with multiple platforms to get your content out to the world. Starting out streaming can be seen both simple and daunting at the same time but with a good enough PC and a fast internet connection you can start today. Having the right tools for to start streaming is key whether you’re running a single PC set up for both gaming & streaming, a 2 PC set up with dedicated machines or a more elaborate set up with capture devices for consoles.

Streaming PCs

Choose from a large selection of PC options to meet your performance requirements.


One of the perks of gaming is being able to show the world your skills – streaming allows you to do exactly that. However, streaming does come with the additional hassle of processing the video and audio to your audience, which can be a challenge without the right PC.

That is why at Creative PC, we have a range of Streaming PCs designed to handle the stress of gaming and streaming without even coming close to breaking a sweat. With our custom built streaming PC’s, you have the ability to share your skills and gaming skills in clear, freeze-free quality with other gamers and gaming enthusiasts.