Intel 12th Gen CPU’s

Intel 12th Gen CPU's

Take the next evolutionary leap with the performance hybrid architecture of 12th Generation Intel Core processors.

Superior Performance When You Need It. Multitasking Like You’ve Always Wanted.

12th Gen Intel Core processors – a generation like no other before it. With unprecedented new performance hybrid architecture, 12th Gen Intel Core processors offer a unique combination of Performance and Efficient-cores (P-core and E-core). And that means real-world performance, intuitively scaled to match whatever you’re doing.

Intel 12th Gen Gaming PC's

Choose from a large selection of PC options to meet your performance requirements.

Intel 12th Gen P-Core’s and E-Core’s

The Performance-core is Intel’s highest performing CPU core ever. And it’s designed to maximize single-thread performance and responsiveness for compute intensive workloads like gaming and 3D design. The Efficient-core delivers multithreaded performance for tasks that can run in parallel (like image rendering), along with efficient offload of background tasks for modern multitasking.

So that Performance-cores and Efficient-cores can work seamlessly with the operating system, Intel built Intel Thread Director right into the hardware. Automatically monitoring and analyzing on-the-fly, Intel Thread Director guides the operating system, helping it place the right thread on the right core, at the right time. And it does it all dynamically, adapting scheduling guidance based on actual computing needs, not on static rules.


Intel Thread Director – It Divides So You Can Conquer

Game without compromise. 12th Gen Intel Core processor performance hybrid architecture includes up to eight Performance-cores (P-core) and up to eight Efficient-cores (E-core), with workload intelligently routed by Intel Thread Director2—it divides, so you can conquer.


Built for Gaming on the Go

Built for gamers looking for performance laptops to play the latest games, while also having the capabilities to tackle other workloads. New 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor-based laptops enable it all while on the go.

The Best Overclocking Experience

12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors deliver highly flexible architecture and industry-leading overclocking tools for the ultimate in performance customization.

Smart Solutions for Enthusiasts and Creators

12th Gen Intel Core processors offer leading edge performance hybrid architecture and support both DDR5 and PCIe 5.0. That gives you a platform you can customize at any time down the road.

Intel 11th Gen Desktop Processor Specs

Up to 4.9GHz


Up to 4.9GHz


Up to 5.1GHz