CREATE PCs Status Update

Service Status


Our website is fully operational and you can order your custom PC online as normal. Our team will contact you if there is an issue with your order and if there is likely to be an extended wait, or please feel free to call or email with your system spec before placing your order so we can confirm everything.



As mentioned above our sales team are on hand to put your mind at ease from everything from availability concerns to what components and spec of PC system to order based on your usage and future plans.

Call our sales team on 03333 444 127 or email [email protected]



Our hardware technical team are available to take your call Monday to Friday, we will do our best to assist you with your CREATE PCs system in a timely manner. When you call, please quote your order number so that we can efficiently deal with your query, after-all there would be nothing worse than taking delivery of your new system and something not working on day one! We are here to help!

Call our technical support team on 03333 444 137 or email [email protected]



Our production department are working around the clock in staggered shift patterns to get our PC systems built. The demand for the systems and the need to ensure social distancing and a safe workplace has meant that we have had to implement this new way of working, however it has not impacted our production times at all! Bear in mind that lead times may be extended due to supply chain issues detailed below.

The great thing about CREATE PCs is our personalised update photos during each stage of the build process, so you will see exactly how your build is progressing.



This is the most effected area of our business and many other system builders. We simply cannot carry every component for every possible combination, this is not normally a problem as we can get non-stock parts here the next day. In light of the current pandemic, however, there are massive shortages due to manufacturing issues, transporting parts to the UK and then much larger businesses getting first allocation on the stock. We are working with our supply chain partners to ensure we have a good stream of supply across the board…no pun intended.

The components most effected by this are Graphics Cards (older models and the latest NVIDIA and AMD parts).

Where a graphics card is in stock for a particular system we have written it in orange next to the graphics card in the list of specs.

We have all AMD 5000 series CPUs in stock as well as most GPUs, the best place to see what is in stock is to check our Morpheus AMD or Morpheus Intel custom PC.



Each of our systems undergoes at least 24hrs of testing, this happens separately to the build process however is performed by the same person who built your PC. We have no delays in testing.

Once tested and signed off by your system builder, your system is packaged and shipped without delay. There have been instances of delays with couriers and we are performing a number of local deliveries (within 30miles) by hand to reduce the load and improve the overall level of timely deliveries. Due to the success of our own-van delivery service for our Christmas orders and based on customer feedback we are now offering this as a delivery option in the checkout.