About Us



Gamers & Tech Lovers.

We build the ultimate PCs for multiple uses.

CREATE PCs was born out of a love for computer gaming and the universe of opportunities that computers bring. Everything we have done in our business lives, has been because of computers and even activities that we do in our down-time are made possible by computers.

We have been lucky enough to build computers for a wide range of customers over the past 15 years, with our clients impressed by the performance and ability to spec the computer to their exact requirements, when they thought the only option was to go off-the-shelf. Our leading warranty, especially for a business of our size, is what keeps our customers coming back and the recommendations we have had has enabled us to grow the business to this point today!

Why are we different?

CREATE PCs are a fully independent business, we are family run and keep everything in-house.

We design and build all our systems in-house and test them in-house. We have had the opportunity to build systems in hundreds of thousands of possible specs and have logged all testing data, ensuring that we know exactly what works best together.

The attention to detail we go to is obvious when you receive your new custom PC, you will notice how we have carefully packaged your system and then when you get inside that box, you will observe the very best cable management and optimal placement of components for your specification. We even go as far as using premium automotive felt tapes to individually sheath cables and ensure there are no rattles or moving parts inside. Pop off the back cover if you want to see for yourself!

Our standard warranty (which is FREE by the way), includes 5 years complimentary labour to put your mind at ease. This labour is also made available to carry out upgrades, again giving you peace-of-mind. There are few companies offering this service in the UK and we are proud to be one of them. Upgrade your warranty to premium to gain additional parts cover and cheaper collection/return options.



We offer free UK mainland shipping on orders over £200


All our Custom PCs are stress-tested for at least 24hrs


Receive build photos and live status updates on Custom PCs


All PCs are fully cable managed and clear of visible cables


Fully custom built in-house PCs, which are not available in shops

1. Component allocation

2. Assign anti-static workstation and technician

3. Build and cable management

4. 24hr Stress test

5. Pack and ship

1-6. Photos provided throughout each stage of the build